Bless Unleashed launches on PC August 6th

Neowiz and Round8 Studio are happy to announce the launch date for their anticipated PC MMORPG, Bless Unleashed. Set to land on Steam, Bless Unleashed will launch for PC on August 6th. The game will be free-to-play, just as it is on PlayStation and XBOX platforms. All those who participated in the betas will be able to play once again and try out all the additions to the game - this time with no further progress resets!

As a special event, during the Steam Next Fest from today through June 22nd, Bless Unleashed will be hosting a special “Demo” version of the game, which gives anyone on the fence one last chance to try out the tutorial and character creation aspects of the game ahead of its launch later in the Summer. Progress will not be carried over to launch, in order to provide an even playing ground for all players at launch. Downloading the demo version during Steam Next Fest will also save time when the game launches, by decreasing the size of the download for launch.

All players who pre-register either on the Steam version or on will get a slew of bonus rewards, including a brand new exclusive mount and an additional 7 days of premium subscription benefits. We’ll also be highlighting additional features and improvements to Bless Unleashed PC’s launch in a future blog post on Steam.

What is Bless Unleashed?

Bless Unleashed is an epic action MMORPG that takes players on an epic journey across a dynamic, sprawling world and tests their mettle against vicious monsters and in perilous dungeons. Built on the Unreal 4 Engine, Bless Unleashed also features unrivaled graphics for the genre that really immerse players in the vibrant landscapes. Deeply rewarding combo-driven gameplay mechanics and a persistent progression system also add to the complexity of the game.

The many changes from the console editions being made to the game for PC players in direct response to their feedback are detailed in regular blogs on the Bless Unleashed Steam Page.

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